Wrestling Match Must Haves

8 Items That Wrestlers


Watching my 7-year-old wrestler is a fun and painful experience. I love watching him participate in a sport he enjoys, but I hate the idea that he could get hurt. After his first competition, I definitely know that I was completely unprepared.

Cinch Sack

Every wrestler needs a bag to carry all of their gear from match to match. This bag is big enough for all of the basics that wrestlers need.


While our wrestling club provides singlets for the wrestlers, the kids are allowed to bring their own if they want. The little ones are the cutest on peewee wrestlers.

Wrestling Shoes

It blows my mind about the cost of these shoes related the the amount of time the wrestlers actually wear them. I will never complain about the cost of baseball cleats again.


Gotta protect those ears from cauliflower ear. There are several options for headgear, but these seemed to be a good fit for our budget, especially when we weren’t sure how well Navy would like wrestling. The coach was able to adjust them much better than I did, too.

Mouth Guard

The first mouth guard we bought was pretty expensive and was misplaced at his second meet. Most competitions have mouth guards for sale, but they’re pretty basic. I would recommend getting on that’s a little nicer that can be heated to mold to your wrestlers mouth. A case is also a must!

Defense Body Wipes

With all of the germs on the wrestling mats, these wipes are fantastic for making sure the wrestlers don’t end up with skin infections. We’ve also had good luck with these no irritating Navy’s eczema-prone skin.

Slide Sandals

Since wrestling shoes can’t be worn outside, we use slip-on shoes to wear to and from practices and competitions. They’re lightweight, so it doesn’t weight down the bag as much, and they’re easy to put on.


This is a must for showering after a competition. It’s an antiseptic, antimicrobal skin cleanser. It will help with sweaty smells and any germs that the Defense wipes didn’t get.

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