Happy Birthday Jake (and Darian, too)!!

This year, Lorie had the birthday party for her two favorite guys some place super fun!


The Botanical Conservatory currently has the “Fisher-Price Little People Farm” set up. Lily was raking in the field before lunch.


I always love visiting. It doesn’t matter if it’s been weeks or months. I could spend hours there, and usually do.


I think this was the first time we’ve taken Navy, but it may be the second. He enjoyed it quite a bit. New sounds to hear. Lots of new things to see.


Common Orange. It was all I could do to *not* pick one of these.


I don’t know what kind of flower this is, but it sure is pretty. We were walking through all of the rooms and this was down by the goldfish pond.


After singing “Happy Birthday” to the guys, the kids dug into their cupcakes. Lily’s was there, then it wasn’t. Navy savored and smeared his.


We hung out until Jake opened our present, which rocked. Cootie, Toy Story socks, crayons, a train model, and a preschool workbook. Then, we joined Lily and Henry in the main room to play. Navy played in the sand a good 20 minutes before eating it.


Aside from Gerbera daisies, these are one of my favorite flowers.


Lily had a great time. She spent a good portion of it running around in the farm area. She kept climbing the ladder and going down the slide.

Both kids had a great time and were in desperate need of sleep when we left.

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