It’s Just a Plate

The Plate

It’s just a plate.

The plate was left on the table.
The plate was knocked off the table.
The plate hit the floor.
The plate broke into pieces.

Neither kid was at fault. It was an accident. However, I lost my temper. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did.

I vigorously washed dishes and cooled down.

Lily came to me a while later with tears in her eyes telling me how grateful she was to have a family.

I apologized and told her that I was just frustrated, not that it was an excuse.

So, like everyone else, I can just vow to try harder, to be better, next time.

Mom Monday: Your Bath Must Be Longer Than 5 Minutes

It has been such a gorgeous day. The weather was in the upper 70’s, with the exception of a couple of rain showers, it was sunny and warm all day.

 photo 10C9A11A-353E-4AD1-A584-7DA13E008339.jpg

That means the kids spent a large portion of the day outside. Bikes came out of the garage. Sidewalk chalk was out front. Their little lawn chairs are on the patio.

The sprinkles of rain also made the already wet ground perfect for playing the dirt and mud.

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The Heart of a Child

My kids are always looking for change on the ground. Sometimes they get lucky and find a penny.

Navy was lucky. He found a penny when we were out running errands.

As we were walking to the can, Navy saw a homeless man holding a cardboard sign. He asked me if the man was homeless. I told him that’s what the sign said.

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Motherhood Isn’t a Competition

Chocolate Tour at DeBrand’s

I was reading a blog post from a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) and how she had moments of depression. Not the clinical sort. Moments of isolation, guilt, longing.

Here’s the problem…

Every mother has that. You aren’t special. Be it stay-at-home-moms or working moms. We all deal with this at some point, to some degree. Making it a SAHM vs working mom issue is yet another thing to divide mothers.

We’re a sisterhood of motherhood.

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