Motherhood Isn’t a Competition

Chocolate Tour at DeBrand’s

I was reading a blog post from a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) and how she had moments of depression. Not the clinical sort. Moments of isolation, guilt, longing.

Here’s the problem…

Every mother has that. You aren’t special. Be it stay-at-home-moms or working moms. We all deal with this at some point, to some degree. Making it a SAHM vs working mom issue is yet another thing to divide mothers.

We’re a sisterhood of motherhood.

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Project 365: Day 303 – Pumpkins at Work


Halloween is such a whimsical holiday for us. I’m not big on scary or gory. I like silly and sparkly!

We all decorated pumpkins for Halloween at work!!

Project 365: Day 41 – Got Milk?


Day two of customer appreciation. We got some cookies from the Walmart bakery. They were colorful and pretty.

Project 365: Day 39 – Colorful Prep


Tomorrow is customer appreciation day. We’ve been busy brainstorming and preparing for it.

We found a helium tank in the back room and blew up some balloons. These are the three decent ones we got before the tank was empty.