Whippy Dippin’ for Dinner

Happy National Ice Cream Month!


With Lily at camp for the week, this week has been all about Navy. Tomorrow, I go pick up Lily, so Navy and I are having one last little bit of fun, just the two of us!

After getting gas, we headed to Monroeville. Navy wasn’t sure why because it was a surprise. The only thing he knew was that we were going out for dinner. Continue reading


Fishing with Navy


It was just us tonight. Doug had to work a double, so he wasn’t able to deal with all of my fishing pole issues. I hate open reel poles. Things do not go well for me.

Navy and I did got an get some new bobbers, weights, and crappie bait. I seem to have misplaced my tackle box. Not sure if I should look for it, or just put a new one together in the meantime. Ah, the joys of having moved recently! Continue reading

Fishing with My Guys


Another day of spending extra time with Navy. I can already tell that this is exactly what his little soul needed.

Tonight, we went fishing. The pond was peaceful. The scenery was amazing. The company was awesome. We really didn’t have much luck, we threw back the one decent bluegill that was in our bucket.

Navy was so happy to be out at the pond that he didn’t want to leave, in spite of the mosquitoes and setting sun. He also got some fishing time in with his cousin, who just happened to show up. It was nice for two guys to be fishing together, and Navy loved catching fish with his cousin.

Home for a ridiculously late dinner. We had not planned on spending that long out at the pond, but Navy had such a great time. I really hope we can get some more fishing in before summer ends and/or the kids go back to school.

Hot Diggity Dog

Happy National Hot Dog Month!


Since Lily is at camp this week, we had dinner at one of Navy’s favorite places, Coney Dog Cafe.

Navy ordered his usual, a plain hot dog and chips. I got my usually, a Chicago dog!

It is so hard to find a decent Chicago dog, especially outside of a sports venue. I usually get one when we go to a baseball game, but I was so happy to find a local Chicago dog that didn’t come with the price of admission.

We both ordered root beer floats. There’s just something about root beer and hot dogs that go together. And, you can never go wrong with ice cream!

We haven’t been able to visit this place as much as we used to. Navy and I have made it our special spot. We’ve been going here together since we was 4 and in preschool.

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Address: 357 Lincoln Hwy, New Haven, IN 46774

Sunday Sundae on a Monday

Happy National Ice Cream Month!

Just Cream - Ice Cream Boutique

Yesterday was so busy and exhausting that we were too tired after our guests left. We didn’t want to drag two kids out for ice cream. National ice cream month or not. It was not worth it.

I’m glad we waited.

I asked around for some recommendations for unique ice cream spots that we hadn’t been to yet. The Internet never disappoints!

My only complaint was that we went at a peak time, around 7pm. While there wasn’t a line to get ice cream, all of the indoor seating was full. We sat outside, thankfully, it wasn’t hot or humid.

I really wish that I would have looked at the menu a little more in-depth before ordering. I went strictly with an ice cream cone in mind. I completely ignored their coffee offerings! I definitely need to make a return trip to try those!

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Address: 338 E Dupont Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

It’s Just a Plate

The Plate

It’s just a plate.

The plate was left on the table.
The plate was knocked off the table.
The plate hit the floor.
The plate broke into pieces.

Neither kid was at fault. It was an accident. However, I lost my temper. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did.

I vigorously washed dishes and cooled down.

Lily came to me a while later with tears in her eyes telling me how grateful she was to have a family.

I apologized and told her that I was just frustrated, not that it was an excuse.

So, like everyone else, I can just vow to try harder, to be better, next time.

Happy Independence Day!

Johnny Tincap & Navy

The last several years, we’ve been very fortunate to have friends at Imagine Real Estate give us tickets to this wonderful celebration. We ventured out for a TinCaps game followed by the City of Fort Wayne fireworks.

Lovely Ladies

It’s always a fun event that the kids really look forward to. They have some of their favorite foods, a splash pad, and fireworks! There’s a baseball game, too, if you like that sort of thing.

The TinCaps won. It ended up being 4-0. Even though it was a pretty sad showing for the Captains, I still love seeing my team win.

I totally skipped the bun for my burger. The bread would have wasted valuable stomach space. I needed the room for wings that’d be served in the 4th inning and apple crisp that’d be served in the 7th. Needless to say, no one went home hungry last night. There was plenty of food, soda, and a cash bar. Continue reading