School’s Out

Hard to believe that the school year is out for the summer.

Navy finished kindergarten and will be moving on to first grade in the fall. He had a great year and is making strides in reading.

Navy's First & Last Days of Kindie

Lily is done with fourth grade. This year had been a bit of a struggle because more of the work required Lily to stay organized to get her assignments and work turned in on time. Her teacher gave us some great advice so that won’t be an issue in fifth grade.

Lily's First & Last Days of 4th Grade

I can’t believe that we’ll be gearing up for First Grade and Fifth Grade in the fall. However, we still have summer!

So many fun and exciting things are going to be happening soon, and we’re going to enjoy it while we have a break from school!


Meet Squeaky!

Meet Squeaky, the newest member of our family.


Squeaky was a barn kitten who was orphaned after his mother was hit by a cat. We offered to adopt him knowing that he would need some extra care as he’s only about 5 weeks old.

We’ve given him the random birthday of April 19, 2017 so he will have a real birthday next year.

The kids are absolutely smitten with him. Both kids have been loving on him since we got home. He’s been so sad and fussy, but I’m hoping that with some TLC and consistent feedings, that he’ll adjust to his new surrounds soon.

Coming Soon: LuLaRoe Consultant

 photo LLRcomingsoon.jpg

Our family has decided to venture into the LuLaRoe business.

Considering the investment, it took several months of thought and planning just to decide this was the right decision for our family. Unlike my Thirty-One adventure, I’ve put a lot of time into this, as well as developing a business plan.

We have all of the supplies purchased. Now, we are just waiting for the call…

We Have a Table!

Moving is so frustrating.

We moved all of the big things in one day. Unfortunately, the dining table was left behind because we had a card table set up. There wasn’t really extra room in the moving truck, and there wasn’t an immediate need for the table.

Fast forward to cleaning the new house, organizing it how we want, and decorating it to our taste. The card table was over run with nails, screws, curtains, barbeque sauce, and just about anything else.

Dining room table with flowers from Mother's Day

I am so happy that we finally have a decent table to for dinner together as a family.

Now, chairs…