40 By 40 Bucket List

I turn 40 in about 40 weeks, so I started making a list of things I want to do before I turn my 40th birthday.

1. See a bald eagle.
2. Get a Brazilian wax.
3. Go on a ghost hunt.
4. Visit Navy Pier.
5. Play a round of golf.
6. Get a chiropractic adjustment.
7. Go to a tea house.
8. Go to a casino.
9. Donate blood/plasma.
10. Zip line.

11. Hire a maid for a day.
12. Visit Wrigley Field.
13. Learn to juggle.
14. Go to the Philharmonic.
15. Visit a planetarium.
16. Smoke a cigar.
17. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
18. Get my passport.
19. Visit IMS.
20. Get a hot stone massage.

21. Make a balloon animal.
22. Go stargazing.
23. Drink whiskey at a distillery.
24. Get ordained.
25. Attend a painting lesson.
26. See the Northern Lights.
27. Learn to paddle board.
28. See a waterfall.
29. Explore a cave.
30. Go to a drag show.

31. Attend the ballet.
32. Try acupuncture.
33. Visit a fortune teller.
34. Go to a sensory deprivation tank.
35. Wear a wig for a day.
36. Eat fondue.
37. Fillet a fish.
38. Go axe throwing.
39. Treasure hunt with a metal detector.
40. Shoot at a range.

41. Drive a Tesla.
42. Visit a lighthouse.
43. Host a wine tasting.
44. Go to a musical.
45. Visit a National Park.
46. Have drinks on a rooftop.
47. Learn to write my name in fancy calligraphy.
48. Jump at a trampoline park.
49. Eat at Powers.
50. Eat a Vegemite sandwich.

51. Ride a toboggan.

These are in no particular order. I just wrote them down as I thought of them.