Our local news channels have been watching this system for several days, warning of severe weather.

Before the storm, it was just cloud with gusts of wind and some sprinkles.

Lily and I had an impromptu mother-daughter date. Lunch at Bob Evans, then some shopping at Target.

I let Lily get Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow. She’s been watching Mermaidia on repeat.

Once we got home, I started making dinner. Just in case. If there would have been a power outage, it’s 2+ hours until it’d come back on.

Out here, we just got lots of wind and 15 minutes of downpour. Then, it started to clear up.


We got lucky. The storm started to lose strength as it traveled across Indiana. Our hearts go out to those in Washington, Illinois that weren’t as fortunate.

You can help with disaster relief by donating to the American Red Cross.

Project 365: Day 23 – Eat Well Guide


The only picture I took today was the Market Day “Eat Well” guide I got when I picked up my order.

Project 365: Day 5 – Hoopty Be Gettin’ Repo’d


Someone ain’t gonna be happy. His hoopty be gettin’ repo’d.

In reality, I think the owner had car trouble, but that caption isn’t nearly as assuming.