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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

I can’t believe that 2018 is over. This year has had so many changes, that it’s hard to believe that it was all packed into 365 days. I’m kinda hoping that 2019 is a little more mellow!


January started with a trip to Chicago to visit friends and ring on the New Year. We visited an Ikea in Illinois while we were there. Lily also started flute lessons to help her catch up with the rest of her band. I started playing with my cooking gadgets. Navy loves wrestling club. Continue reading

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

So much changes over the course of a year. 2017 was no exception. Not only was it a fresh start from 2016, but it ushered in a lot of change and excitement for our family.

January 2017

img_7211After having lots of issues with the battery on my van dying, I got a fancy new battery. It’s okay to be jealous. Thankful to not have any more issues.

Girl Scout Cookie season started. The beginning of the longest two months ever. I love the cookies, but I’m not sad when it ends in March.

Lily got an MRI on her ankle. She has Osteochondritis, but we didn’t know the extent until after the MRI.

I celebrated 10 years at work. I’ve been working with the same company for 10 years. That used to be the norm, but it isn’t so commonplace anymore. I love the girls I work with and adore our clientele. Continue reading

Girl Scout Cookies Go on Sale


The Girl Scout cookie sale begins today!

For the next two months (January 10-March 10), I will be hauling cookies with me everywhere I go.

Lily will have booth sales most weekends to help her troop. So, I will be chauffeuring her around to those places.

I’m really hoping our year of experience pays off. Lily has picked out prizes with some pretty lofty sales goals.

As long as she keeps working hard, I’m sure she will get a fold-up camping chair, one way or another.

Girl Scouts: Ornaments and Chore Charts


Making ornaments and chore doorknob hangers.

Tonight, the Daisies made ornaments. They got to make one to take home and another to donate.
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Great Tree Canopy Comeback


Girl Scout Daisies. Troop 20257.

Our Girl Scout troop was invited by the New Haven Parks & Recreation Dept to plant trees in Moser Park. With shovels in hand, and a little brother in tow, we went to the park.

Let’s just say that I was not prepared for the level of mud. (This is a recurring theme with our two most recent Girl Scout events.)

I think we assisted in planting 3-4 trees.

The following was information I found on the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Dept website:
11th Annual Great Tree Canopy Comeback, a grassroots movement to combat the critical loss of trees inFort Wayne. Our city and region is facing the devastation of the emerald ash borer; about one in four of our city street trees are ash and they will soon be gone.

More than 250 trees were planted across Allen County, and we got to be part of it!