Girl Scouts: Ornaments and Chore Charts


Making ornaments and chore doorknob hangers.

Tonight, the Daisies made ornaments. They got to make one to take home and another to donate.

While the ornaments were trying, the girls split into two groups, first year Daisies and second year Daisies.

Lily is a second year, so she went off and learned about how she’s matured and what she can do now that she couldn’t before.


Tell Your Story

When I was small, Papa too care of me.
I couldn’t play with small toys I will eat.
Now that’s I’m older, I can control the microwave.
This makes me feel happy.

Mom commentary: It both fills my heart with joy to see Lily grow and learn, but it is a little bittersweet. She’s becoming less dependent. Though I appreciate her independence when I’m busy or helping Navy, I miss her being little.

After their break out sessions, the girls came back together to make chore chart doorknob hangers. Simple, cute foam craft.

Problem: Lily claimed she doesn’t have any chores.

Mom commentary: I got nothin’! I couldn’t think of anything besides taking a bath and brushing her teeth that Lily is expected to do. I need to work on this.

So, what are some good chores for a 6 (going on 7) year old?

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