Lizinka’s Lovelies: Just Some New Bows

I’ve been playing around, trying to think of some new, fun hair bow designs. Here are the 2 that I made last night.

I apologize, but at the present moment, both of these have sold out

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Bow-tiful & Tutu Cute, Too


With the city-wide garage sale coming up this Friday, I’ve been busy trying to get more hair items made (bows, pony-Os), and adding tutus and wands to my inventory.

Not to mention I’ve been folding, sorting, and stickering all of our.garage sale items. Since we decided to get rid of bigger baby items (Baby Trend travel system, anyone?!) because it will be years…and a move…before we add another baby.

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Framed Monogram Wall Art

Yes, Pinterest. Again.


When we first moved into our house, I painted Lily’s room pink. She wasn’t quite 3 and didn’t have a favorite color yet. So, I picked.

Now, at 5, her favorite color is blue. Everything in her room, from her walls with My Little Pony stickers to her Dora the Explorer sheets, is pink. Her area rug is even predominantly pink, with purple being a close second.

Most likely the next color we paint will be a light brown to make it warm and inviting to sell the house. So, we are trying to personalize Lily’s space, while still working with what’s all ready in place.


The answer the the question: What am I going to do with this glittering scrapbook paper?

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Arts In a Name

I was reading Attack of the Twins: New Artwork that I’d discovered on Pinterest. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it, but we both have daughters named Lily, so it definitely caught my eye.

Lily & Navy's finished masterpieces.

The mom got canvas, painters’ tape, and finger paints. She taped off each child’s name on the canvas. Then, she let them paint.

I modified the project a little bit with the age differences in my children. Lily had a bigger, more complex project. Navy’s was smaller and more simplistic.

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