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Project 365: Day 118 – Family Dance Party

Redbox gave us a free game rental code. We picked Just Dance 4.

Lily was rocking it to Skrillex.

Navy was waving a Wii remote with no batteries.

I know what we are going to be doing.on rainy Spring days to burn off energy…

Project 365: Day 63 – Dental Check-Up


I’m always a little apprehensive taking the kids to the dentist. I’m worried that they will have a bad experience.

Lily goes back with the dental hygienist all by herself. I rarely get pictures of her. Of course, she picked a blue toothbrush!

Navy isn’t sure yet. He likes to have Mommy stay with him. Though, he knows where the toys and stickers are when he’s done!

No cavities for either kiddo!!

I had horrible experiences at the dentist when I was younger. It seemed like I always had cavities, partially because I have weak enamel. When the dentist would fill them, he always used nitrous oxide, which didn’t take full effect. He didn’t believe me when I said I could still feel the pain of the drill.

I’m grateful that my kids haven’t had a scary experience, minus Navy’s anxiety of an unfamiliar and sterile environment.

And, I hopefully have another 6 months before I have to worry about this again.

Project 365: Day 61 – These Shoes Are Made for Walking or Running


I’ve been complaining that I’m outta shape. It’s not so much a weight thing, but a lack of exercise thing. My belly is still a little too jiggly for my liking. I don’t have the endurance I used to.

I also have a hard time spending money on shoes. Thankfully, I found these at Kohl’s.

I have small feet, which is a huge plus since I hate to spend a lot for athletic shoes. Children’s shoes are much cheaper. I wear a 5Y in Nike.

I was able to score these for $19.20, plus tax. Broke them in a bit yesterday, too. Very happy with them.

Definitely a step in the right direction for my fitness, health, and lifestyle goals!