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Project 365: Day 62 – Shock and Awe


I just absolutely adore the look on his face!

Project 365: Day 61 – These Shoes Are Made for Walking or Running


I’ve been complaining that I’m outta shape. It’s not so much a weight thing, but a lack of exercise thing. My belly is still a little too jiggly for my liking. I don’t have the endurance I used to.

I also have a hard time spending money on shoes. Thankfully, I found these at Kohl’s.

I have small feet, which is a huge plus since I hate to spend a lot for athletic shoes. Children’s shoes are much cheaper. I wear a 5Y in Nike.

I was able to score these for $19.20, plus tax. Broke them in a bit yesterday, too. Very happy with them.

Definitely a step in the right direction for my fitness, health, and lifestyle goals!

Project 365: Day 60 – Snacking in the Carwash


We’ve had out unlimited carwash pass from Mike’s Carwash for a week now. We’ve had the car washed 10 times. It was a little splurge for myself. I like having my car washed and Mike’s purple and green foam spraying in every direction is fun.

Navy was terrified at first. He would cry as soon as we pulled into Mike’s. However, Lily likes “the noodle tunnel,” and Navy is a lemming when it comes to things that Lily likes.

So, we are making the most of out pass this month. My car is shiny. The inside is tidy (thanks to the free trash bag I always get when we go).

Enjoy the rest of your TGIF!

Project 365: Day 59 – Sweet Son


I just love how curious my little guy is about things. So simple and mundane for grown-ups, he finds it fascinating.

Project 365: Day 58 – Stickers Where Stickers Don’t Belong


This is why Mommy has a bottle of heavy-duty contractor’s solvent in the utility room.