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Project 365: Day 57 – 4am Bed Check


I woke up a little after 4am. I went to check on the kids. Navy was not in his bed. He was not snuggled up with Lily in her bed.

Panic. Not that I thought he was hurt or that he went outside. Fear that he was left unattended for who knows how long downstairs.

Lily used to wake up in the middle of the night. I’ve found chocolate syrup on my floor and counters. Snacks left out on the end tables. Menu music playing for whatever DVD she was watching when she fell asleep.

Only, Navy is worse. He has managed to get glue on the carpet. Twice. This week. (Glue that is kept in a craft tote, supposedly out of his reach, and definitely out of sight.)

Then, I found him like this. Precious. Innocent. Calm.

Project 365: Day 56 – Wii


My sweet little boy put miscellaneous objects in our Wii.

How did I find out?

Lily and I rented a game from Redbox. It wouldn’t play. When I was checking the connections, I heard coins rattle.

I don’t know where to get our Wii worked on, so I am Wii shopping. Lily specifically wants the blue one.

Unfortunately, when I went back to electronics to buy this, they were all sold out.

Thank you to Redbox for refunding our game rental fee. We love using them, and the customer service is excellent!

Project 365: Day 54 – After a Busy Day


We had such a busy day. On the go from start to finish. Navy and Lily got a fun play date with 4 other kids. Needless to say, they were both sleepy when we got home.

Project 365: Day 53 – Mini Donuts


I was flipping through the latest Schwan’s catalog for quick dinner ideas when I came across this. I may not be a chef, but I’m pretty sure those aren’t mini donuts.