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Lizinka’s Lovelies: Loop-De-Doo


This is my one and only bow like this. I didn’t make it, but bought it to see how it’s made.

I can make them, but with the amount of ribbon and the time these take, I can’t really justify adding them to the bows I already make.

I still think they’re pretty neat, and I love the colors.

Lizinka’s Lovelies

Bow-tiful & Tutu Cute, Too


With the city-wide garage sale coming up this Friday, I’ve been busy trying to get more hair items made (bows, pony-Os), and adding tutus and wands to my inventory.

Not to mention I’ve been folding, sorting, and stickering all of our.garage sale items. Since we decided to get rid of bigger baby items (Baby Trend travel system, anyone?!) because it will be years…and a move…before we add another baby.

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