Fingerprint Flowers & Handprint Leaves


We found this idea on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. Lily loves to create art, so we’ve been finding lots of ideas like this, ones where she can get a couple instructions and work on her own for a while.

Paper plate
Paint brush
Spray enamel
Embellishments (optional)


I painted Lily’s hands with green acrylic paint and had her put the heels of her hands together at the thumb to make the base of her plant.

We put some green paint on a plate for Lily to do the fingerprint stems.


She picked out 3 colors for her flowers, and we put those colors on her plate palette.


After Lily finally decided she was done, I put her name on the bottom corner with glitter glue.

After all of the paint dried, we traced around the flowers and hands with different colors of glitter glue and set the canvas aside to dry.

When it was dry, I took it outside to spray with the enamel to protect the masterpiece. It dries in about 10 minutes, but needs and hour or two to air out. The spray enamel is kind of stinky in enclosed areas.

After all of the enamel was dry and the smell had aired out, we used Gorilla Glue to adhere the rhinestone gems as flower centers. Then, we let it set for a bit.

Her finished work of art now hangs in our dining room, along with the footprint butterflies that Navy did.


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