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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

So much changes over the course of a year. 2017 was no exception. Not only was it a fresh start from 2016, but it ushered in a lot of change and excitement for our family.

January 2017

img_7211After having lots of issues with the battery on my van dying, I got a fancy new battery. It’s okay to be jealous. Thankful to not have any more issues.

Girl Scout Cookie season started. The beginning of the longest two months ever. I love the cookies, but I’m not sad when it ends in March.

Lily got an MRI on her ankle. She has Osteochondritis, but we didn’t know the extent until after the MRI.

I celebrated 10 years at work. I’ve been working with the same company for 10 years. That used to be the norm, but it isn’t so commonplace anymore. I love the girls I work with and adore our clientele. Continue reading

Caturday Shenanigans

Happy Caturday

Squeaky was not amusing with my Caturday shenanigans.

It’s so strange to think that this guy has been part of our family for 5 weeks now. He finally started eating kibble, but still loves his canned food. He plays with toys and attacks feet. He has amassed quite the sock collection, too!

Meet Squeaky!

Meet Squeaky, the newest member of our family.


Squeaky was a barn kitten who was orphaned after his mother was hit by a car. We offered to adopt him knowing that he would need some extra care as he’s only about 5 weeks old.

We’ve given him the random birthday of April 19, 2017 so he will have a real birthday next year.

The kids are absolutely smitten with him. Both kids have been loving on him since we got home. He’s been so sad and fussy, but I’m hoping that with some TLC and consistent feedings, that he’ll adjust to his new surrounds soon.