Winter Storm Ion


24 hour time lapse of the snow

Winter Storm Ion caused quite a mess. Lots of snow. Blowing snow. Snow drifts. Impassable roads.

No fun. Please melt soon.


Staycation: Day 1 – Productive


Today has been incredibly productive, even more so that I had hoped!

We had a fun trip to the library. Lily got the rest of the books she needs to complete her Building Bridges with Books bingo sheet. Navy got some new books about animals and trucks. I got the American Girl Kit Kitteridge series (again).

We also discovered movies at the library, which will save us on rental fees!

Lily and I played post office with some outdated ATM envelopes. They were just going to be trashed, so we are making sure they don’t get shredded in vain.

Lots of cleaning and organizing. It’s time for autumn cleaning! Then, packing…

My fantastic man and his friend came to see about fixing my van. Navy observed and turned on the hose to help. So grateful for wonderful, caring people who are willing to lend a hand to keep my family safe!

I am so impressed with everything that we’ve gotten done and that we even squeezed in some fun!

Framed Monogram Wall Art

Yes, Pinterest. Again.


When we first moved into our house, I painted Lily’s room pink. She wasn’t quite 3 and didn’t have a favorite color yet. So, I picked.

Now, at 5, her favorite color is blue. Everything in her room, from her walls with My Little Pony stickers to her Dora the Explorer sheets, is pink. Her area rug is even predominantly pink, with purple being a close second.

Most likely the next color we paint will be a light brown to make it warm and inviting to sell the house. So, we are trying to personalize Lily’s space, while still working with what’s all ready in place.


The answer the the question: What am I going to do with this glittering scrapbook paper?

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Project 365: Day 30 – Bathroom Mini-Remodel


I hate our bathroom. It wasn’t a huge deal when we moved in, but it needs a face lift. A very expensive one, too.

Since that is out of the question, as I’m not made of money, we are starting with a scaled back version. Very scaled back. For now, at least.

Because of space, I found this vanity that will be perfect. We can reuse our faucet to save money and be more functional with two small kids.

Next up, picking out flooring, wall coverings, and storage!