Brother P-Touch Label Maker

One of my goals for 2019 is to get our home organized. I want everything to clearly have a place that it belongs.

If everything has an address, a label on a container or shelf, it will be easier to know what goes where, especially when I’m not there for the family to ask where it goes.

Labels are also nice for sticking information, like emergency phone numbers in places they might be needed, like the door jamb of the utility closet or under-sink cabinets, where cleaners that could potentially be harmful are stored.

Of the label maker options, this was one of the cheaper ones that I found, while still having fun options of various fonts, frames, label colors, and graphics.

The label maker came with a simple white tape with black lettering. I ordered a 4-pack of refills in white tape with black text, black tape with white text, lime green tape with white text, and berry pink tape with white text. I currently have another variety pack ordered to try out.


I’ve used my Brother P-Touch Label Maker to make stickers for our planners (the kids have chores clearly marked in theirs, mine has my top 3 things I want to work on for the week). I’ve labeled the letter trays for sorting our mail, there’s even a tray for just tossing it in if there isn’t time to sort. I love the labels for my rainbow binder system because they pop with the colorful background of each binder.

One thing that I didn’t like was that there is a 2-line maximum. I thought this would be neat to make quick address labels when I can’t find ours, but that it’s an option.

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