Organizing the Utility Closet


One of my 2019 goals is to organize our home. Rather than doing what I normally do and making a huge plan to have everything in perfect order in days, I took a day just to work on the utility closet.

We were also told that Navy has severe allergies to dust mites, so it’s really important that we get the house in order with a schedule to clean and dust to ensure that the dust bunnies don’t make him stuffed up or sick.

First, I started by taking everything out and grouping all of the like items together. I had laundry supplies on several shelves, none within the reach of my barely 5-foot height.


The first shelf has all of my daily cleaning supplies: microfiber rags, cleaning caddy, batteries and a battery recycle bin, essential oils, and dryer sheets.

Extra laundry supplies and paper towels were all put on the second shelf to make them easier to reach because laundry is a huge task for our family. The beach towels don’t even belong in this closet, they belong with in the linen closet!

Shelf 3 has the sunscreen that we won’t need again for several months and the iron that I don’t recall the last time I’ve used. I keep it “just in case.”

The very top shelf has my binder system with the various binders I use to keep business receipts, printouts from doctors, and manuals for things in the house.

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