Organizing the Mail


Mail comes to our home six days a week. There’s almost always something in our box when we check the mail.

We just toss it on the table and deal with it whenever. Well, that system isn’t working. Our water bill wasn’t paid.

I stacked letter trays for each category of mail that we have. I them used a label maker to make the tags for each tray.

Inbox. This is the top shelf. This is where all of the mail goes as soon as someone gets it out of the mailbox.

Bills. All of the bills that need to be paid goes here. Most of our bills arrive electronically, but there are still a handful that come via post.

To Do. Any mail that needs more attention goes in this tray. If it needs to be called on, canceled, questioned.

Shred. For all mail that needs shredded. Mostly the credit card and convenience loan offers that we don’t need or want.

There isn’t a tray for mail that needs to be recycled because that goes straight to the recycle bin. No need to have it sitting around any longer than we need it to.

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