Project 365: Day 153 – Silver Lining


The whole day has been gloomy. It’s been overcast and dull and spitting little raindrops.

I thought it’d make for a pretty crummy day. Who really wants to deal with the 50s and gray clouds?!

It was the perfect day for a sweater and jeans, coffee with toffee creamer, and lounging around inside.

All things I accomplished, all while I worked. It was nice to sit at my desk to address some letters, pay some bills, and not wish the day would speed by so I could go outside.

The rain and colder temps are also.nice for farming. What little rain we did get didn’t evaporate into unbearable humidity.

Silver living to every cloud.


Project 365: Day 133 – Hibiscus


We went to Main’s Flowers & Garden (find them on Foursquare) to get some more vegetable plants for our garden. We picked out zucchini and watermelon. Probably going again to replace our strawberry and grape tomato plants.

I also live the hibiscus bushes ($24.99) and trees ($49.99), but the price is too rich for my blood. Not to mention I have no green thumb whatsoever. I still think they’re pretty, so I will take pictures whenever I’m there.