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Happy Birthday Papa!


Dinner at Cracker Barrel

Today is Dad’s birthday. Of course, he’s in none of the pictures of his birthday dinner.

This morning, I called Hall’s Commissary, where he always goes for coffee. I told the cashier that today was his birthday. She told the waitresses.

He didn’t care what we had for dinner, so I gave Lily a couple of options. She chose Cracker Barrel because they have a peg game at the table.

Emily, our server, was super sweet and simply fantastic.

Next year, I vow to remember to buy a card.

Project 365: Day 127 – Brionna’s 1st Birthday


We sent Miss Brionna a gift (which I can’t post pictures of because Mommy Michelle is my friend and will see this). However, this is the card we sent with it!

Happy 1st Birthday, Brionna!! We love you and hope that it’s such a wonderful day for you!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Elijah!

So, I have no pictures of Super Elijah. He was hopped up on birthday excitement and running around with his friends.


It was a superhero party, so Navy went as Batman.

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Michelle’s Visit: Day 6 – Party Shopping

Lily wouldn’t pick a theme for her party, so we decided to make the theme a surprise.


We went to Party City because no place else had the theme week were looking for.

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Happy 1st Birthday, Navy!!



This day, one year ago, I finally got to meet Nicholas David-Alger face-to-face.

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