Mom Monday: Your Bath Must Be Longer Than 5 Minutes

It has been such a gorgeous day. The weather was in the upper 70’s, with the exception of a couple of rain showers, it was sunny and warm all day.

 photo 10C9A11A-353E-4AD1-A584-7DA13E008339.jpg

That means the kids spent a large portion of the day outside. Bikes came out of the garage. Sidewalk chalk was out front. Their little lawn chairs are on the patio.

The sprinkles of rain also made the already wet ground perfect for playing the dirt and mud.

And, that is exactly what Navy did.

When it was time to come in and get cleaned up, he tried to bargain his bath time. He was planning on only taking a 5 minute bath. Some negotiating, and he ended up with a 15 minute bath. While in the tub, he asked for another minute to make sure that he was really clean.

Now, I need to go pre-treat his shirt in hopes that the mud he was digging in and from the puddle he rode through come out!


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