Everything You Need to Get While You’re in the LuLaRoe Queue

Waiting in the LuLaRoe queue is awful! AWFUL!

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I am a LuLaRoe fashion retailer from Northeast Indiana. I fell in love with the clothes because they were comfortable and versatile. The confidence that it has given me, not having to worry if this or that will fit today has alleviated a lot of stress when getting ready in the mornings. Now, I want to share that!

The good thing is that the wait gave me time to get all of my business supplies. LuLaRoe isn’t a thing you can just sign up for, get the “kit,” and host parties. Having the inventory on hand means that you have to have ways to store, transport, and display it.

My first purchases for my LuLaRoe business was a MacBook Pro and an iPad. These were the most expensive items that I needed to buy. I would recommend buying a decent laptop, not just a cheap $200 one. Especially if you’re going to be doing Facebook album sales. An iPad is a good investment because LuLaRoe’s system is on Apple, and it makes billing and paying a bit easier. I already had an iPhone 6S, so that was one less thing that I needed to consider. Completely unnecessary, but fitting to my personality, I bought a rainbow keyboard cover for my MacBook.

After that, I went to Amazon and shopped around for everything my sponsor and her sponsor recommended.

I bought two sets of black velvet hangers. I like a little color, so I pink velvet hangers. I also have purple velvet hangers. I use the different colors to separate styles, sizes, or pieces I’m going to want to showcase.

Another staple is this double rail garment rack. It was super easy to put together. The wheels are nice for moving it with clothes. It’s also pretty easy to take to pop-ups. Caution: Be sure to have weight evenly distributed on both sides so it doesn’t tip.

I also bought clothing rack size dividers because it makes it easier to see where each size begins and ends. It also adds a bit more color, so I’m not sad about that!

My mannequin was probably one of the most frustrating items to purchase. There are so many choices and a wide range of prices. I went with a simple black one. My background is white and flatlays are pretty popular, so I didn’t see the point of spending a lot of money on it.

LuLaRoe does have pretty bags with the logo that fashion retailers can buy, but I went with purple and hot pink bags. They’re heavy and can be used with packaging for shipping. I picked out 10×13 poly mailers with butterflies to ship out these clothes. There are tons of pretty designs to choose from! I also got Thank You stickers to send with every order.

Another awesome thing to have for shipping is a DYMO LabelWriter label printerrefills for the printer, and a shipping scale. Note: Don’t sign up for shipping sites until you’re ready to mail. You’ll waste your free trial while waiting in the LuLaRoe queue.

For live sales, I originally bought these yellow coat check tags. They hold up pretty well, but as soon as these plastic live sale tags were back in stock, I bought all five sets.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission for a purchase through the links.

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