Happy Chinese New Year

I really tried the last couple of years to celebrate lots of holidays with Lily. Some silly and obscure, some more well known.


Today, we celebrated the Chinese new year. It’s the Year of the Dragon.


To celebrate, we ate dinner at Kung Fu Buffet. Hot and sour soup, with fried biscuits tossed in sugar is a great way to celebrate. Navy enjoyed chicken and gelatin.


After a fun game of Yahtzee Jr., Lily got to play with a Ni-Hao, Kai-Lan doll that is dressed especially for Chinese new year.


The last thing we did to celebrate was get out Lily’s parasol from Aunt Kaitie. Kaitie got it in Chinatown in Sacramento, California a couple of years ago.

I really hope that we can make these holidays a bit more.of a habit, not I don’t think that we will be doing them daily.

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