Simple Homemade Valentines


I wanted to make Lily’s valentines for her class this year. Something simple that would be more of a keepsake for her classmates. So, we took a picture this morning and did the instant prints at Walmart.

Using the software they had there, I cropped the picture, then added a border and text. The prints were ready when we were done shopping.


I wrote Love, in black text on the bottom part of the frame. All Lily had to do was sign her name to it.


All the glittery heart stickers were gone (of course, two days before Valentine’s). We found some pretty, glittery music stickers that Lily liked.


I was really excited about the finished product. Lily stayed on task quite well, especially with how redundant it all was.

Each card was 28 cents to print. The stickers were less than $3.

I really see us using more photo cards, other than just on Christmas!

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