We’ve been planning this road trip to Cabela’s for quite some time. Inevitably, something always came up, and we would have to postpone it.

We finally made the trip!

We started with brunch at Spyro’s. Henry goes every Sunday, and I’ve been asking him to take me for quite some time.


The Ohio border to close to where I live, so this was nothing special.


I’m glad I had Henry to keep my company and my trusted phone to keep me from annoying the crap outta him.


Welcome to Michigan!

I will spare you all of the Get Glue check-ins while we listened to Henry’s iPod.


Cabela’s. I think one of the people in the aquarium said this was a gar fish.


The mountain at Cabela’s. We walked all the way around it, then looked at it from the balcony.


A display on a side wall of Dick Cabela’s adventures on safari in Africa.


The huge bear statue in front if the store.


Henry saw a car just like his, so when he went to get a closer look, I for a picture of the sign.


Both pictures that I took of him were not attractive.


Sunset on the drive home.


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