Michelle’s Visit: Day 1 – Welcome to Indiana

Michelle flew in from Texas today. I cannot believe that she’s finally here. The drive to and from the Indianapolis International Airport was not as bad as previous years. I think I’ve finally got the hang of it.


Since I didn’t have to work this morning, we got some extra play time in before we had to leave for the airport. My Dad was awesome and took Lily to school for me. Sad I had to miss her field trip to see Central Lutheran’s operetta.


Navy was a treaty travel buddy. He promptly removed his shoes and socks as soon as we were on the highway. Not gonna lie, if it had been a little warmer, I would have worn flip flips and taken my shoes off, too.

The only “trouble” we had was that my GPS power cord wasn’t working. Thankfully, I had a universal adapter in the car for my old cell phone. Phew!


After looking like crazy we a gas station in Anderson and a couple of wrong turns, we did our tradition of Skyline Chili. Yum! I look forward to this every year.


We take regular trips to the huge wind farm on the Ohio side of the Indiana/Ohio border. Lily has wanted to show Michelle the big windmills, so we did. Each blade is 180 feet.

Tomorrow, the weekend!

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