Michelle’s Visit: Day 2 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t do anything really special for St. Patrick’s Day this year. The kids wore their special St. Pat’s shirts (Navy’s was filthy before we left the house), Michelle and I wore green. We also had special hair bows that I made.


Navy was told to sit down after climbing on the chair. His little bottom got top close to the edge. So funny. Poor guy.


Lunch was at 800 Degrees! So good and we (Lily and I) haven’t gone singer Summer 2009, shortly after they opened. The bruschetta was delish.


Lily has 3 pieces, and a piece of pizza.


Navy really loved his pizza.


Then, we went to Hobby Lobby because they don’t have those in Texas (but they do…I though they were a regional thing like Meijer).

This vacation is pretty mellow she to the lack of funds, but that’s good. We have a lot planned this year!

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