Michelle’s Visit: Day 4 – A Day In the Life of Us

Michelle’s staying with us this week. So, we have our normal life and a stay-cation. This is the 3rd Annual Michelle & Sara Rock Indiana trip.


Lily still had to go to school, but that worked out well because she could show off all of her exciting school things.


I had to have Michelle meet the girls I work with. I knew she and Samantha would get along famously. I also had to get my brakes fixed at Aspy’s. Crunchy brakes is not good.


Navy had a chocolate snack and a blue Tummy Yummy (which his big sister picked out for him).


We had lunch at Bob’s Restaurant, completely with peanut butter pie. We were all stuffed.


And Navy had more Diet Coke.

It wasn’t until I was cropping photos that I realized that I only had two pictures where Lily was the subject. Mom fail.

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