Michelle’s Visit: Day 7 – Acting Like We’re High Rollers

Thursday’s are always crazy for us. Even with our stay-cation, today was no different.


We met Henry at Spyro’s Pancake House for lunch. I love the Greek flare to their menu. We’be also never taken Michelle there before.


After a tasty lunch with the best man ever, we went to Walmart to get some gas. Then, into the store to pick up a couple of things. Lily has been wanting to ride in a “two baby” cart for a while. Navy just loved it.


Then, we went to check out Jefferson Pointe. We stopped at DeBrand for dessert. So good, and it had been way too long. It was also Navy’s first trip to get delicious chocolate.


After gymnastics, we had dinner at Bob Evans. Yum! Wish we would remember to go on Tuesday’s when they have free kids meals.

Lily wanted to find the MDA shamrock with her name on it. Of all of the shamrocks, we ended up finding hers.


After dinner, we hit up Meijer for some tasty drinks to have after the kids are tucked in bed. Michelle could not believe that you can buy liquor at the grocery store.

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