My Day in Pictures

The original plan was to take a picture every hour, but my day wasn’t really all that exciting.


The car in front of me when we were stopped by a train. The plate said, “FUN N ME.”


8 o’clock hour – My keyboard at work. This thing and I have a love hate relationship.


9 o’clock hour – A huge basket full of candy we have for customers. I am usually pretty good, but two Reese cups caved my willpower.


1 o’clock hour – The “to do” list I really needed to tackle on Monday, but that didn’t happen.


2 o’clock hour – So, I started looked at a Tastefully Simple catalog that someone dropped off.




Navy was really cranky after we left Target to get dinner. He was fussy until we got to Papa’s house.


Lily always wants to drive through the “Rusty Tunnel,” and old railroad overpass just past the Cloverleaf. We happened to get stopped at the light, so I could get a picture.


Leaving Dad’s, I snapped a picture of this pretty sunset. I love sunsets.

There ya have it. The abridged version of my day, in pictures.

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