“Arthur’s First Sleepover” by Marc Brown


Every week when Lily comes home with her new library book, she always brings home a book about Arthur. This week was no exception.

“Arthur’s First Sleepover” by Marc Brown

October also started the Pizza Hut Book It! Program. Lily set a goal of 10 books by the end of the month. We have read 3 already.

Her school has another reading incentive based on Bingo. She has 25 squares, each with a theme (non-fiction, fairytale, how to, etc.) or character (Arthur, Clifford). For each square, she has to do a little book report on if she liked the book and answering a question about it (favorite character, the setting, the main character’s feelings, etc.).

She already has a stack of books to read this weekend!

4 thoughts on ““Arthur’s First Sleepover” by Marc Brown

      • 🙂 and its nice that you let her write book report. I live in Thailand and still 20..don’t have any kids..but would like to have many someday. 🙂 how old is she?

      • She is 5 and in kindergarten. The book report is a requirement for her school. Trying to figure out ways to expand on it and further her learning.

        I was 24 before she was born and 28 when we had her brother. 20 feels like so LONG ago!! 😛

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