“I Love Christmas!” by Hans Wilhelm


This evening was incredibly busy with Lily’s first Girl Scouts meeting and some grocery shopping. We decided to just read a book for Book It! and skip the Building Bridges bingo sheet and book report.

“I Love Christmas!” by Hans Wilhelm

When Scholastic had their $1 book through Lily’s preschool last year, I bought 2 of these. One for her, one for Navy. Tonight, we did a buddy reading where she followed along in her book, while I read from the other.

I like that the entire book was 85 words. A quick read for a night short on time. Simple, five or six word sentences.

We are going to try this method of reading, with this same book again. Several of the words are word wall vocabulary words.

Pizza Hut Book It!: 6/10
Building Bridges: 5/25

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