“Doggie Holidays” by Shirley Scott


“Doggie Holidays” by Shirley Scott

The author was kind enough to autograph and “pawtograph” this book for both of the kids.

I tear up reading about Matt every time. Yet, it’s a great memory I’m glad Shirley shared with young readers. Matt is truly missed.

The Adventures of Jack and Dobbie is Shirley’s website for the series!

Lily’s Book Report

I liked the book.

I liked because the dog hided under his blanket since he was scared of the fireworks. I like Valentine’s Day. There was Jack and Dobbie in a heart.

I didn’t like Jack being sick.

Who was your favorite character? Jack and Dobbie.
Why? Because they loved playing together.

Where do the doggies live? Hoagland.

What is their favorite holiday? Christmas.
Why? Since they love opening presents.
What is their favorite present? The dog treats.
Why? Because they love eating them.

Pizza Hut Book It!: 8/8
Building Bridges: 14/25

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