“Runny Babbit” by Shel Silverstein


“Runny Babbit” by Shel Silverstein

I had a lot of trouble finding a poetry book for a kindergartener. I looked at other Shel Silverstein books, like “Where the Sidewalks Ends”. It was 192 pages, so a bit long for what we needed.

This book seemed to fit the bill. It was shorter and silly. However, it was a difficult read with the whimsical language that Silverstein used. I found my mind auto-correcting as I read.

Lily’s Book Report

I liked the book.

I liked that because his mom put up notes that he needed to do.

I didn’t like because there was a hungry dog.

What does the title make you think of? It makes me think of that he is so funny! Runny Babbit!

Pizza Hut Book It!: 8/8
Building Bridges: 19/25

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