“Barbie: I Can Be…A Pet Vet” by Mary Man-Kong


Lily got a new bingo sheet today! She came home with 5 prizes and a book. All prizes she earned for reading 25 books! Proud mom.

“Barbie: I Can Be… A Pet Vet” by Mary Man-Kong. Illustrated by Jiyoung An.

We have been trying to pick out reading Level 1 and Level 2 books. Lily does rather well with Level 1. She has also been reading this book for a couple of days, which has helped with her sight-reading.

Lily’s Book Report

I liked the book.

I liked because the pony got a cast. I liked that a vet takes care of animals and puts on castes, and check if they get sick.

I didn’t like because Nikki’s cat got sick.

Pizza Hut Book It!: 5/10
Building Bridges: 2/25

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