“Clifford’s Big Book of Things to Know: A Book of Fun Facts” by Norman Bridwell


“Clifford’s Big Book of Things to Know: A Book of Fun Facts” by Norman Bridwell

Lily picked this book from the library at school. She’s been in an Arthur or Clifford groove lately.

It was a good choice. Rather than being a story book, each page was a different topic.

Your Body
Sports and Games
Growing a Garden
Taking Care of Pets
Insects and Spiders
Animal Homes
The Seasons
Rain and Snow
The Earth, Sun, and Moon
Collecting Rocks
The Seashore
Under the Sea
Building a House
A Recycling Plant
Mailing a Letter
Digging a Tunnel
Clifford Tells Time

On the Growing a Garden section, there were instructions for growing a bean plant from dried beans. We tried it this evening to see how our beans grow!

Lily’s Book Report

I liked the book.

I learned that bones and muscles help us move.
I learned that food helps us grow healthy.
I learned that rain turns into snow since it’s supposed to on winter.
I learned that extruction [construction] people make houses for us.
I learned because gardens help make us new plants and vegetables and fruits and strawberries and everything!

Pizza Hut Book It!: 6/10
Building Bridges: 3/25

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