“Marvelous March Facts for Kids” by Claire Wynne


“Marvelous March Facts for Kids” by Claire Wynne

As I was reading the book to Lily, I found four spelling or grammatical errors. I blame the copy editor in me for that.

Lily needed a non-fiction book, so I gave her a couple of options. She chose to learn more about her birth month. She was really honed in on her birthday.

March 30th is National Pencil Day and National Turkey Neck Day.

Lily’s Book Report

I liked the book.

What was something you learned?
Something I learned is March is about some birthdays and some holidays.

What is your favorite day in March?
My favorite day in March is March 30!

What fun holidays are in March?
One fun holiday is St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Pizza Hut Book It!: 23/40
Building Bridges: 22/25

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