“A Dazzling Display of Dogs” by Betsy Franco


“A Dazzling Display of Dogs” by Betsy Franco

Lily needed a poetry book. Finding a decent collection of poetry for a kindergarteners that isn’t really long is not easy.

My first choice was Shel Silverstein, but the length of the book would have been difficult to get through. We read one for her first bingo sheet. Rough.

The book was fun, but the arrangement of the text makes it a frustrating read. Some of the text is sideways, other times upside down.

Lily’s Book Report

I liked the book.

What did you like about the poems?
I liked the funny ones.

Which one was your favorite?
My favorite poem was the one with the mixy dogs.

What was your favorite dog?
My favorite dog is the one that slipped out of a gate and ate food it wasn’t supposed to. I don’t like that in real life, I bet. That should just happen in books.

Pizza Hut Book It!: 35/40
Building Bridges: 25/25

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