Earth Day & Clean Water

Happy Earth Day!


We celebrated Earth Day by outside.

The kids dug in the dirt looking for creepy crawlies. Lily found worms and roly poly bugs. Navy held a worm for the first time.

Navy’s bath water was a brownish-gray when he was done. Lily had to rerun her bath water, and there’s still specks of dirt in her hair!

Bed time came, which gives me a chance to read Twitter to catch up on news and the ramblings of people I follow. Lots of tweets on the Boston Bombings and Canadian terror plot.

Then, there was something on clean water in India.

My initial thought was, “We poop in water cleaner than they drink!”

It made me feel very grateful and guilty. I take clean water for granted. We use it for everything without a second thought.

Cooking and drinking.
Washing clothes and dishes.
Baths, showers, and the restroom.

I can’t imagine my kids drinking water that will most likely make them sick. When our water isn’t safe, it’s all over the news not to drink it. Just a bit much to wrap my head around when it’s something so readily available.

So, even if you never donate a dime to an organization that is trying to help in India or countries like it, be grateful that we have clean water available at our fingertips.

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