The Santa Train, Again

I felt horrible for how the Santa Train ride turned out last weekend. We went right after lunch, which resulted in a 2 hour wait. My camera wasn’t fully charged and shut off when we were next in line for the train.

Last Chance!
Location: Fort Wayne Railroad History Society
Date: Dec. 21
Time: 10a – 4p
Cost: Adults $4, Children $3


As soon as the conductor took our tickets, and we boarded the caboose, there was Santa!

Navy was not afraid to talk to him about his “gwoves” to keep his hands warm.

Lily still asked for an iPad.

No way Navy was sitting on Santa’s lap, but Lily did, so it must be okay.

After they’d taken their turns with Santa, Lily wanted to climb up to the top of the caboose.

So, Navy had to mirror what he saw his big sister doing.

Just being silly.

The brake man as we were pulling back into the station.


I wanted a picture with the kids and the caboose in the background. They didn’t exactly cooperate, but it turned out to be my favorite picture.

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