Christmas Cards 2013

I love the idea of sending adorable photo Christmas cards out. A snapshot of the kids and/or our family just before the upcoming holiday chaos.

It’s festive and popular, but it can add up when you wanna send out cards to everyone in your family, all your friends, the babysitter, the kids friends, etc.

Here’s how I managed to get this done in about a hour!


First, I found a recent picture of the kids that I really liked. This picture from our most recent Santa Train ride turned out nothing like I wanted, yet it is my favorite. Just the excitement and magic of snow and Christmas, all rolled into one.

Using the CVS app, I uploaded the picture to my CVS photo account. I sometimes have issues with my memory cards and in-store machines. This method has always worked well for me.

At the kiosk, I pick prints and enlargements, getting the 4×6 (or 6×4 in my case) size.

I like this size for many reasons.
* Price. This is typically the cheapest size to print.
* No cutting. They print out, ready to pop into envelopes.
* Framing. Since it owns common size, finding frames to show them off is easier that with the photo cards.
* Fast. Again, it’s a popular size and they can print them on the spot. Little to no waiting.


Christmas Cards. Getting ready to mail them out.

For people just receiving the card, I put them in the envelope alone and mailed them.

For family and close friends who get pictures of the kids, I got complimentary cards and envelopes from my bank. They were perfect for keeping the card and pictures safe during the hectic holiday season.

Pretty gingerbread stamps, then Lily sealed them with stickers.

Viola! Cards are done.

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