Lily’s First Broken Bone


Lily broker her finger.

Our insurance benefits started January 1st, and Lily wasted no time on calling “dibs” on being the first person to use them.

It happened while I was at work, but from what I have been told, she was running in the hall. Slammed into the coat closet door, and her pinky finger got caught between the door and door frame.

I will spare you how many times she has been scolded and had to “go back and walk.”

My dad made a Q-Tip and Bandaid splint for her.

A trip to RediMed to get it checked out. Thankfully a relatively short wait.

We got x-rays done. As they developed, even I could tell it was broken.

The doctor came back and told us it was indeed broken. Shortly after that, an x-ray tech came in to do the splint.

She was so exhausted, physically and mentally, that she fell asleep watching “Mermaidia” in Spanish.

After her nap and some dinner, I painted her nails to cheer her up.

We go back in 2 weeks…

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