Summer is Over

I can’t believe that it is time to go back to school. Summer flew by quickly for us. It seemed faster than in years past.

Our last weekend of freedom, we really wanted to live it up. No lounging around the house packing backpacks and going over supply lists.

We escaped to the beach!

Crooked Lake

Navy at Crooked Lake

Saturday was spend splashing around Crooked Lake. The kids made friends with other kids playing in the water. It wasn’t crowded. The water was calm.

Crooked Lake

Sunset at Crooked Lake

The sunset was amazing.

Sunday included a picnic and swimming at Pokagon State Park. Lily made friends with a few other girls. They were doing underwater handstand tricks.

Pokagon State Park

Lily at Pokagon

Navy stayed closer to me. We played and splashed in the water. He was venturing out a little further in the water, then we’d dunk ourselves.

It was a fun was to spend our last weekend before school starts. Low key and close to home. We just got to spend time together and not deal with the craziness of the coming year.

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