Berry Mojito


We went to an event recently, and I discovered the MOJITO! They had a signature drink for the event: the blueberry mojito. I’d never had one before. It was so good. Slightly sweet, a little fruity, so refreshing. So good!

I had been on a quest to replicate the recipe since, to no avail. I cannot seem to get it right. Too much lime. Not enough berry. Too many bubbles. Really watered down.

I started experimenting with recipes I found online, but still couldn’t seem to find one that I liked. The ones that I made seemed really bitter, like tonic water bitter. Gross.

You will need a cocktail shaker, muddler, long spoon, and glasses. The 12 Piece Professional Cocktail Shaker Set has everything you need (minus the glasses).


10 fresh mint leaves, 2 sprigs for garnish
2 teaspoons granulated white sugar
1 cup fresh berries, a few berries for garnish
2 jiggers light rum
2 limes juiced, 1 lime cut into wedges for garnish
4 jiggers lemon-lime soda

  1. Lightly muddle mint and sugar in cocktail shaker. Add blueberries and muddle lightly.
  2. Add rum, lime juice, and ice. Shake vigorously.
  3. Fill 2 tall glasses with ice. Add 1 jigger of lemon-lime soda to each. Divide rum mixture evenly between glasses. Stir gently.
  4. Garnish with lime wedge, a few berries, and a sprig of mint.

*Jigger is 1.5 ounces. This is the same as a standard shot glass.

I’m looking forward to trying this with other fruits and berries!


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