LuLaRoe: October 22 – 28

Monday: Mystery Grab Bags Choose either leggings or a top. We will pick which print and add a little something extra to your order!

Tuesday: Top 10 Classics Classic Tees are one of my favorite LuLaRoe items. I will show you my 10 favorites from my inventory.

Wednesday: Wardrobe I will make outfits of various sizes using the Classic Tees and other items that I have available!

Thursday: Just Add Jeans I will pick Classic Tees and cover-ups (Lindsay, Bianka, Sarah, Shirley, Monroe) and pair them with some jeans. Perfect for fall!

Friday: Birthday Sale It’s my birthday week, which wouldn’t be complete without an awesome sale! Details to come!

Saturday: Sippin’ in Style Going our to celebrate my birthday week coming to an end. Looking awesome and being comfy in my LuLaRoe. Check in to see what I wear!

Sunday: Social Check our our Facebook page to see what we have coming up for the following week.

LuLaRoe Sara Swihart
Sara Swihart
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I am a LuLaRoe fashion retailer from Northeast Indiana. I fell in love with the clothes because they were comfortable and versatile. The confidence that it has given me, not having to worry if this or that will fit today has alleviated a lot of stress when getting ready in the mornings. Now, I want to share that!

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