Christmas Cookies


Cookie Decorating Essentials

One of my fabulous co-workers suggested that we do a cookie/treat exchange at work. I loved the idea. After all, I like to bake and decorate.

I’m terrible at cut-out cookies.

The dough doesn’t roll right. The cookies rip when I transfer them from the counter to the cookies sheet. The edges end up burned.

So, I bought Holiday Cut-Out Cookies from Market Day. I’m not a fan of the frosting, so I also got Betty Crocker Whipped icing and decors.

Lily got to decorate first. She got 6 of each cookie (snowmen, stars, trees), half of the candies, and 4 decor shakers.

We attempted to have her do the icing before decorating, but that wasn’t working out well, so I iced and she decorated.

Navy had fallen asleep while the first batch was in the oven, so he decorated his after dinner.

He got the remaining cookies and candies, but only 3 shakes. I thought the one “holly” shaker would be too messy.

He did really well. Didn’t lick or eat any cookies he wasn’t supposed to. Didn’t stick his fingers in the frosting.

I can definitely see our family repeating this next Christmas, hopefully with homemade cookies!

Got a good (fool proof) cut-out cookie recipe?


Family Christmas (Picture Post)


Lena and her doll

Our family Christmas is one of the few times each year that our whole family gets together. Food, family. Loved it!

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Christmas Cards 2013

I love the idea of sending adorable photo Christmas cards out. A snapshot of the kids and/or our family just before the upcoming holiday chaos.

It’s festive and popular, but it can add up when you wanna send out cards to everyone in your family, all your friends, the babysitter, the kids friends, etc.

Here’s how I managed to get this done in about a hour!


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The Santa Train, Again

I felt horrible for how the Santa Train ride turned out last weekend. We went right after lunch, which resulted in a 2 hour wait. My camera wasn’t fully charged and shut off when we were next in line for the train.

Last Chance!
Location: Fort Wayne Railroad History Society
Date: Dec. 21
Time: 10a – 4p
Cost: Adults $4, Children $3

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