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Valentine’s Day Crossword

Kids will love spelling with this cute Valentine’s crossword worksheet. For more fun spelling activities, go to Education.com!


You can download and print the crossword here.
You can download and print the answer key here.

Project 365: Day 45 – A Valentine’s Surprise


A guy came into were I work and handed each lady a flower, wished us a, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and left.

It was a sweet surprise!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nothing too fancy this year. Dinner at Subway. Cards and small gifts for the kids.


Navy really liked his card because it had a puppy on it. He was pretty excited about the Percy train engine he got, too!


Lily got a fun set of press-on nails, lip gloss, and a Littlest Pet Shop animal.

Henry fixed my car, so that was my Valentine’s day gift. He put a lot of time, effort, and money into making sure the kids and I had a reliable source of transportation.

I’m taking him out for dinner (no kids!) next week. It’s a surprise, too!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!