Survivor Guilt


I took my daughter to a funeral viewing for her friend’s father yesterday. He died of cancer. The girl is the same age as my own daughter. She was so gracious and sweet, well-spoken, mature beyond her years.

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The Google School of Medicine: A Rant

I very rarely post of social media about the struggles our family has medically. It’s not out of shame or that I want to portray our life any differently than it really is.

I choose not to share because the last thing I want when I’m expressing frustration is for someone to suggest fixes because it worked for them. Yes, we all do it, be it online or in person.

People genuinely want to help.

Yes, I have tried lavender to help manage the ADHD sleep disturbances. I am severely allergic to it, both breathing it in and touching it. I have an asthmatic reaction and get an itchy rash. Both of which require an anti-histamine.

Yes, I have done the elimination diet to see if eczema is related to diet. All of the common triggers for an auto-immune reaction seem to have no appreciable change.

Sometimes, things just are they way they are.

When you tell a frustrated mother who is mental exhausted about your suggestions, I guarantee they will not be received well. Advice is an opinion, and you know what they say about opinions…

The next time you are trying to impart wisdom on someone who is mentally, emotionally, or physically at their wits end with whatever they’re dealing with, just stop. Know that now is not the time or place.

End rant.